In many ways m4x is the quintessential pop-star-in-the-making for 2023. Starting to make music whilst at Manchester University in 2020 under the restrictions of subsequent COVID-19 lockdowns, m4x busied himself learning the craft of songwriting. Undeterred by the inability to go out to play live or collaborate with like-minded musicians he learned how to write, play, produce, and visualise his music himself, and in the process has created a sound and aesthetic that is at the same time a mishmash of influences/styles and purely his own.

m4x decided to isolate himself further in the Oxford countryside for a year following graduation to completely immerse himself in musical creation and art. This seclusion bore fruit in the form of hundreds of songs which were whittled down into three distinct projects. Armed with homemade guitars and drawing inspiration from the now significant three-year period in Manchester, m4x’s songs blend the reminder of an industrial city with the calmness of rural isolation.

Using his downtime to paint in abandoned rooms, the landscape of his work further expanded as he ventured into visual storytelling. By writing, directing, filming, editing, and producing his music videos, he ensured a congruent narrative, resonating with both auditory and visual senses. Upon relocating to an abandoned primary school in Brixton London, his creative process took a turn into short-form content resulting in viral TikTok videos that captured audiences worldwide.

His upcoming EP ‘Escape the Fields’ is a collection of fast-paced stories stemming from the personal experience of embracing life after enforced isolation. The leading single “All This Time” (out now) speaks about how he randomly met a girl in a club, went on holiday with her 4 days later, and moved in with her the following month.