Go-Jo is the solo project of one of the fastest emerging popstars of 2023. Currently based in Sydney, Australia, Go-Jo’s childhood was spent living off the grid on a self-sustained property, which instilled in him a deep appreciation for nature, a DIY approach, and allowed his unique character and sound to grow free from social influence.

Go-Jo’s music is the culmination of his appreciation for the artform of memorable songwriting, and the ability to share emotions through songs. His music is a blend of pop with influences of indie and folk music, which are underpinned by a DIY approach and a constant curiosity to develop his sound. Go-Jo is inspired by great songwriters, but he seeks to incorporate this guitar-based songwriting style into modern pop production, influenced largely by Max Martin, Shellback, Illangelo and other production masters.

What sets Go-Jo apart from other artists is his incredible ability to write, produce, record, mix, master and perform as an artist, whilst also having an almost innate knack for connection with fans—entertaining and engaging audiences both in person and online. He has championed an out-of-the-box approach to delivering his music to new audiences and is constantly looking for new ways to pair his catchy music with his captivating personality and personal style.