Whether through friendship and camaraderie or adoration and respect, when you make a vow, you put your heart and soul into everything that encompasses. There is no in-between. This is a sentiment Rabea Massaad, Josh Mckeown, Rory McLean, Joe Gosney and Liam Kearley found themselves drawn to when fate brought them together. With over a decade of touring, working, and becoming acquainted with one another in some way, shape, or form during their time in Toska, Palm Reader and Black Peaks, respectively, the last few years have allowed them to harness their experience and passion in a way they never thought they would be able to before.

The result is Vower, a project that serves as a new form of expression within heavy music for its five members. It is a vessel where nothing is impossible, and everything feels fun, fresh and incredibly fulfilling. Serving as a light through the darkness as much as a new close-knit community to confide in, it has become a platform for remembering why they fell in love with crafting such gargantuan sounds in the first place.

Comprising the mammoth world-building of post-metal, the stratospheric scope of progressive metal and the gritty bludgeoning of post-hardcore, the band is a perfect summation of what it means to put your all in and come out the other end in disbelief that you were able to bring something so powerful to life.

That’s clear for all to see on their debut EP ‘Apricity’, four tracks of carefully choreographed and expertly delivered heaviness and harmony that will captivate every audience that experiences them. Songs that represent throwing off the shackles of anything that is holding you back and chucking yourself headfirst into the glorious unknown. Every ebb and flow of gargantuan sound equates to some of the most grandiose, thrilling, and extraordinary music that has come out of the UK heavy music scene in some time

Though one of the most fantastic things about Vower’s achievements so far is that they have only scratched the surface. To have cemented such an impassioned creative relationship together this swiftly, the possibilities of what can be made when that is allowed to ferment further is fascinating. More than anything, this is all about doing things on their own terms to keep such immense evolution going. To not let anything slip, to keep everybody on the right path and to bring the best out of each other. There is a weight to what Vower represents, and they are prepared to hold it together no matter what.