VK Blanka

His songs are best characterized by his individuality, good melodys and his beautiful falsetto voice. He started composing music when he was only in elementary school. The aim to pursue music as a career, he decided to attend university in Tokyo. In 2016, he was finally able to debut. Since his debut, his performances have impressed the audience.

This year, VK Blanka has performed at a number of overseas events, drawing a peak attendance of over 5,000 fans per show. In May, he played at Jeddah Events Calendar 2023 Anime Village at City Walk in Saudi Arabia, in July he performed at Riminicomix in Italy and at Japan Expo 22nd Impact 2023 in France (as Music Guest of Honor), before returning to Saudi Arabia again in August for Gamers8 Cosplay Cup Supported by

In December, he will perform at Magnificon Expo 2023 in Poland, and at Manga Barcelona 2023 in Spain. In 2024, he will debut on his first North American headlining tour.

In addition, his opening theme tunes for the anime series  ”Black Clover” continue to be ongoing hits: His Season 3 opening theme song “Black Rover” has now been played over 170M times, while his Season 10 opening theme song “Black Catcher” has surpassed 200M plays, ranking in Spotify’s Top 10 chart of songs by Japanese artists played by overseas users for the third consecutive year since 2020.