Residente is a Puerto Rican singer, writer, producer and founder of the alternative group Calle 13. Along with the group, he has won 24 Latin Grammy awards in total; making him the Latin artist who has won the most gold-plated gramophones. 2017 saw him being the most
nominated artist with 9 Latin Grammy nominations including ‘Record of the Year’ and ‘Album of the Year.’ He studied art for 8 years and has directed some of his own musical videos. His lyrics have earned him the respect of many music colleagues and critics and have even been studied as part of school and university courses. He has been recognized for his social contributions and serves as the face of campaigns for UNICEF and Amnesty International. In November 2015, Residente received a recognition award in Barcelona due to his commitment to social awareness and for promoting peace.

Billboard writes, “With lyrics that put a lot more in the line…. Multiviral declares Perez’s commitment to social causes and freewheeling freedom of expression… it also consecrates Calle 13 as a great Latin American rock band.” The New York Times says, “Calle 13 is a group that’s networked every which way: technologically, culturally, musically, socially, politically… multiviral Calle 13’s fifth album is the work of a duo reckoning with both it’s global perspective and it’s contentious artistic impulses, determined to maintain a rebellious spirit even as maturity looms.” Residente is touring, touching down in all major cities across North America.