Oi Skall Mates

Oi-SKALL MATES is a ska band formed in 1,996 by the members who love The Ska Flames from Japan
and Bad Manners from UK. Their ability to play good music as well as entertain people in live, which is vital
to Ska music, are getting popular among children to drunken adults. They have been played with various bands in the past which showing they are not the usual Ska band but much free and over the genre. This year, the band has celebrated 20th anniversary, done successful performance in Mexico in April, been gathering more than 3,000 people at their free live in front of Alta in Shinjyuku in May, and the show they did on the same day was sold out (700 people) .

In July they played at 「FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL 」. They also will be performing at the famous Japanese
ska festival,「SKAViLLE JAPAN」(3,000 capacity ska festival on every Sep, This year is sold out ) , which
they have been on the bill for every year for 20 years. They will have lots of fun planned for rest of 2016.

They have released 4 full length album (one of them is 2 sets of mini album combined) and also 7 inches,
split records, compilations and tributes and released their brand new album called 「ADULTIX HANGOVERZ 」on last Christmas.

Touring in Hawaii in 2008 and Mexico in 2016. Their high entertainment live performance is recognized not
only in Japan but also in world wide.