Marisoul and The Love Notes Orchestra

La Marisoul, the acclaimed lead singer of GRAMMY-winning band La Santa Cecilia, showcases her first solo album “Love Notes”. Recorded in Los Angeles with a 24-piece live orchestra, the new record features inspired reinterpretations of seven classic Spanish-language songs that speak about the complications of love—including some that previously appeared with different arrangements in the band’s highly successful 2017 release “Amar y Vivir.” Harnessing her potent voice to touch our most sensitive fibers, La Marisoul shares profound and timeless tunes to fall in love, to remember our past romances, and to heal our heartbreaks. A second album, “Love Notes” Vol. 2, will be released in 2021. Un Telegrama The album’s first single, “Un Telegrama,” breathes new life into the song created by Spanish brothers Gregorio and Alfredo García Segura in 1959, and that was made famous by Chilean singer Monna Bell. Besides winning the top prize at the first edition of the Festival Español de la Canción de Benidorm, the song’s popularity increased exponentially as it appeared in multiple films of the time. By the late 60s, “Un Telegrama” had achieved mass recognition across the Americas and Spain, and in 1968 Mona Bell was awarded a Gold Record for the track’s high sales. Now, over 60 years after it first became a loving anthem, La Marisoul puts her soulful spin on it to reach a whole new generation of romantics.