Kikuo (きくお) is a producer whose songs are known for having dark subjects paired with upbeat music. His use of unique instrumental textures, harmonies, and sound effects, along with a high level of attention to detail, gives his music a singular sound. He began music production in 2003, originally posting his songs to forums. His first VOCALOID music submission was made in 2010. He mainly uses Hatsune Miku in his VOCALOID songs and has made demo songs for Tone Rion, IA, Anri Rune, and Hatsune Miku V3. In more recent works, he has taken to use ACE Studio vocal Qi Xuan. Kikuo’s most popular songs include “Gomenne, Gomenne”, “Kimi Wa Dekinai Ko”, and “Aishite, Aishite, Aishite”.

His biggest songs include “Love Me, Love Me, Love Me” (87M views), “I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry” (24M views), “You Are A Worthless Child” (24M views), Hole-dwelling” (19M views), and Dance of the Corpses” (17M views). His videos have 297 million views on YouTube.