Haru Nemuri

HARU has always made music for herself first, but now the world is listening—even if they can’t understand a word of the Japanese language in which she sings, raps, and frequently screams. Not many teenagers are inspired equally by American post-hardcore icons such as Fugazi and Japanese avant-garde music legend Susumu Hirasawa, but therein lies the magic of HARU NEMURI  and the work she has created over the past five years. In 2018, HARU released her first full-length album, Haru to Shura; a lightning-in-a-bottle debut, it featured enrapturing tracks like the J-rock fantasia “Narashite” and noise pop stomper “MAKE MORE NOISE OF YOU,” and Anthony Fantano’s rave coverage of it attracted immediate attention from music fans in the West. Her most recent full album, ‘SHUNKA RYOUGEN’, was heralded by publications like Pitchfork, The Fader, Paste Magazine, noting, “blending elements of J-pop, rap, and hardcore, the experimental Japanese artist’s latest album presents a convincing balance of nihilism and hope,”. After world tours, festival appearances, and two LPs, the 28-year-old Japanese rockstar has captivated the world with her idiosyncratic poetry. HARU’s trail blazing music seamlessly blends genres—from the punk magnetism of Karen O and Fugazi, to the glittering shoegaze of Shinsei Kamattechan, or the experimentation of Björk and Susumu Hirasawa. Her shows mesmerize crowds from Europe to Asia to America, the great majority of whom don’t even speak her language.