Girl Ultra

Girl Ultra is the musical project of Mexico City-based
artist Mariana de Miguel who creates sparkling R&B cuts
that shine from start to finish. Inspired by the nostalgia
for late 80’s, early 90’s silky smooth sounds and
contemporary soul but on her own language; Spanish.
Over the past few years, the singer/songwriter has
released a handful of stellar records in the form of 2018’s
‘Adiós’ and most recently, her full-length debut album
‘Nuevos Aires’ which dropped last year.

The record features stand-out cuts like ‘DameLove’ feat. Cuco and
‘fuckhim’, a striking collaboration with Ximena Sariñana.
With her intentions of releasing her first studio album
‘Nuevos Aires’ this year, she’s trying to mark a before and
after in her career by sticking to the all-organic recording
methods, exploring the force in her lyrics, and shaping
the message of this new season.

She’s caught the attention of international media, giving
her the opportunity to tour throughout the US with The
Marias and Triathalon in 2018 and on 2019 with Clubz
and also Europe by herself in November 2019.
Participating in the international berlin-based internet
show ‘Colors’ she opened a brand new path for herself
and upcoming Latin alternative r&b artists