Depresion Sonora

Depresion Sonora’s debut EP, released during lockdown in 2020 and reissued by Sonido Muchacho months after that, was one of the few good news the Covid crisis brought. It contained some songs inspired by the claustrophobic situation we were all living in, songs about his teenage angst and the frustrations caused by the pandemic.

Following the spontaneous success of Depresion Sonora in Mexico and the first sold out shows in Madrid, his next body of work included five new songs confirming what you could already sense in his previous releases. We know the name of that kid, Marcos Crespo, and you can tell he didn’t have a stroke of luck – songs such as ‘Ya no hay Verano’ deserved every bit of praise. What is more, all five new tracks included in ‘Historias Tristes para no Dormir’ were potential hits, as lead singles ‘Tu no me tienes que salvar’ or ‘Gasolina y Mechero’ proved.

‘El Arte de Morir muy Despacio’, the debut album, landed in late 2022. Prompted by suburban suffocations and a lo-fi sound flooded with drum machines and basslines who Peter Hook himself wished had written, took one step further all the good intentions shown in previous releases.