Conquer Divide

CONQUER DIVIDE makes hard rock destined for triumph and victory. The five members (who hail from the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada) combat personal demons and outside obstacles with massive, soaring, instantly memorable songs, ready-made for all who struggle. Their blend of anthemic arena rock and blistering metalcore is the sound of perseverance incarnate.

Singer Kiarely Taylor, vocalist/bassist Janel Duarte, guitarist Isabel Johnson, guitarist Kristen Sturgis and drummer Samantha Landa are reinvigorated and at the top of their game, ready to take on the world anew.

Sturgis explains that the album title, Slow Burn, encapsulates the long journey to CONQUER DIVIDE’s sophomore set and their burning creative passions. “It’s a theme that permeates the album, a slow, controlled show of the fire that continues to rage in all of us despite hitting myriad obstacles.”

“We’ve been through our own varying types of personal hells,” Sturgis adds. “Throw in a pandemic, wars, recession; the record explores the mental exhaustion from a world where most of the things we see in our feed are negative and how that affects our psyches and ultimately our relationships with those around us. Our biggest hope for this record is for people to know that they aren’t alone in these feelings, and it’s time for all of us to own our power.”