For more than two decades, Babasónicos has been in charge of destabilizing Argentine rock from the very heart of the beast. Babasonicos is the band that has broken the status quo in Latin American rock, pushing the established boundaries repeatedly during the 90’s and 2000s.

In almost three decades they have recorded 14 studio albums, 7 of which have been certified as Gold and Platinum in different countries of Latin America.

They have been multi-nominated and have won a Latin Grammy, an MTV Latin America Music Award, Urbe in Venezuela and 40 Principales in Mexico, amongst others.

They have performed at major music festivals all around the world: Coachella (USA), Vive Latino (Mexico), Lollapalloza, Estéreo Picnic (Colombia), Personal Fest (Argentina), Cumbre Tajín (Mexico), Pepsi (Argentina), Quilmes (Argentina, among others.

They have filmed more than 50 videos and imposed an aesthetic form that influenced many bands and video artists of a generation.

They have been on the cover of the most important rock magazines in Latin America, including Rolling Stone, Billboard, Inrockuptibles, Prensario, Soy Rock, La Mano, Gatopardo, Telehit and Marvin.