A Tinder encounter gives rise to the Austro-Spanish duo of alternative pop, ATZUR. The duo “reminds us of a fusion of Chvrches and Florence + the Machine” (Mondo Sonoro) “and Woodkid” (Poolbar Festival) with a sound “as elegant as a mythical dialogue between the sun and the moon” (Reeperbahn Festival). ATZUR’s debut single “Running” quickly entered the charts of Austria’s Radio FM4 and Germany’s EGOfm, accumulating over half a million streams on Spotify. Opening for bands such as Algiers and Giant Rooks, the band has been touring all over Germany, Spain, and France. After a notable appearance at the BIME Festival in Bilbao, they went on to perform at the renowned Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona in June 2023. Their debut album, Strange Rituals, was released in September 2023, and is currently being followed by a sold-out tour across Europe.