Charismatic internet superstar and singer on the rise Zeph has become a leading voice in a generation of new alt-pop artists. Unafraid to “overshare” online, the 24-year-old uses songwriting to transform personal experiences into meaningful music that has captured the heart of fans globally. Whether it’s through her songwriting, or her viral Twitter page, Zeph knows how to spin a story like no one else. It’s no wonder hundreds of thousands of fans follow her every
move online and 5 million monthly listeners flock to her Spotify page.

Growing up in Maryland, Zeph had a precocious passion for film soundtracks before diving into music production. Releasing Scared of Everything, her first EP, in 2021 and Crush (Demos) in 2022, Zeph creates cinematic indie pop—similar to her own coming-of-age journey, her songs feature MIDI sounds in a moody range of expressions. Zeph also prides herself on having full creative control of her music, writing and producing tracks entirely on her own. Now, backed by MDDN and Hopeless Records, Zeph is propelling her recording career to new heights, and the sky’s the limit.