Noah Johansen AKA Whammyboy is a 24 year old artist from the small Norwegian town called Moss. Growing up as half Vietnamese and half Norwegian, the young
man felt as if he didn’t belong or fit in anywhere, and he lacked a feeling of affiliation and identity. Also, being a shy child, the last thing he imagined was rocking out on astage and loving every minute of it.

Noah first picked up the guitar at the age of twelve, and persuaded his father to teach him as much as possible. He immediately realized that playing music was a
way of channeling his energy and expressing himself, and soon enough he became – in his own words – “addicted to the guitar.” After dabbling in the EDM genre as a producer throughout his high school years, Noah realized that his music lacked substance. Eventually gaining a better understanding of himself and the message he desired to express, he began producing with a more band-oriented approach, as well as writing music in the style of what he refers to as “Space Pop”; inspired by the likes of MGMT and Empire Of The Sun.

So far, Noah’s creative process has resulted in four singles, all having received positive reviews and lots of radio play in Norway. Additionally, his live act has gained
a reputation of being every bit as wonderful as his music: Quirky, catchy, and bubbling with energy!