Louis Culture

Louis Culture is the compelling, fashionable, genre-bending artist whose music you didn’t know you needed. The 22-year-old rapper and producer explores the rich tapestry of black British music – house, UK garage, hip-hop and more – with effortless lyrical delivery for an altogether different experience, a soundtrack for the lives of listeners.

In May 2020 Louis released his debut project Smile Soundsystem, his musical philosophy is laid bare as he navigates the listener through a kaleidoscope of sounds steeped in history. “It’s an exploration of electronic music and how it relates back to black British culture,” Louis explains. “You’ve got breakbeat in there, deep house, hip-hop, garage, it’s just shifting through all these sounds but also shifting through what makes me me.”

His rise to attention has coincided with that of his crew, Elevation Meditation, containing p-rallel, Lord Apex, Finn Foxell, Ric Reefer and Xav. The bond between each member, based on friendship and a hunger to improve themselves musically, is of utmost importance. “Elevation is a nod to continually wanting to rise to the challenges you set for yourself,” Louis says. “We drive each other; the music comes from different places but we’re all still bouncing through different genres, there’s a competitive nature to it almost.”

This parallel rise in stead has sharpened Louis’ musical mind as he reflects on his debut EP, Smile Soundsystem, the culmination of nearly a year working with producer, Pullen. “I think you’ll understand me a bit better after listening to it, see my growth, and a project that will take you through your own life.”