“None of this works if I do it alone…” Creating harmony within music is often not simply the result of a technique or knack. For the acts that deliver it with devastating, affecting power, harmony is a way of being, a kind of thinking and an understanding that unites and strengthens a number of different artistic visions behind one goal.

Harmonies certainly seem to be a keystone of the five-piece KAWALA. While that is most clearly demonstrated by the vocal union between singer Jim Higson and guitarist-singer Daniel McCarthy that sits at the heart of the group, harmony on many different levels is what has allowed KAWALA to resonate with people.

A series of EPs, and the euphoria of the band’s live shows, energized their increasing word-of-mouth following, inspiring a real community to coalesce around KAWALA. Across the UK people who had perhaps chanced upon the band as a support act or in an early afternoon festival slot, were enthusiastically bringing more and more of their own friends with them each time the band toured.

‘Better With You’, the band’s first full LP, is both an expression of togetherness – musical and literal – and also the bold step into something new. Boasting a full spectrum of ideas and emotions, brought to life in euphoric tunes, irresistible tempos and, of course, those sweet harmonies. There is a truly encompassing atmosphere across all of ‘Better With You’s ten songs that traces its origins back to the intimate creative bonds at the heart of Daniel and Jim’s artistic partnership.