Eric Melvin

Globally renown guitarist, artist and founding member of punk-rock heavyweights NOFX, Eric Melvin needs little introduction. Loved and respected across the industry, Eric Melvin has been at the pinnacle of his career for over 3 decades, playing to hundreds of thousands of of fans across the globe each year, selling millions of albums, and sustaining a staggering 1.2million monthly listeners on Spotify as part of NOFX.


Outside of his work with NOFX, fans have been eagerly watching Melvin’s solo transformation into Producer / DJ for nearly 10 years, beginning with the now legendary “Mosh-Up” collection of mixes on Soundcloud, that saw Melvin’s entreeinto the world of mash-ups, with short, sharp sets that seamlessly moulded together punk rock, hip hop, EDM & Funk – and mixing the likes of NWA with Fugazi & The Circle Jerks!! Harnessing the parallels between the DIY ethos & energy of Punk-Rock & EDM – over the next few years, Melvin began refining his production skills by bending and blending genre’s to create a style of music that pays both homage to his history whilst lighting a fuse on his future.


The sonic start to this journey, came with Melvin’s first commercial solo release in the Summer 2023 under the moniker Melvinator. A hotly anticipated project that stretches back to 2015 and which finally saw release as an 8 track album that features collaborations with the likes of Danny Lohner (NIN) & The Crystal Method, remixing NOFX tracks, with a new explosive electronic energy.