A voice forged by the intersections of her multifaceted identity as a queer biracial woman, CLAY found the alignment between music and politics naturally. She had an unconventional upbringing in San Francisco, raised by a community of her parents and their friends. Their houses criss-crossed neighbourhoods including her own in the Mission District, leaving space for CLAY to connect with the city’s multicultural and diverse community, and learn the importance of chosen family. The historic social justice movements of the Bay Area laid the groundwork for the work she does today to create liberation through music. Unafraid to get political in song writing, her past work has seen her take on Trump at the height of his crippling power, and more. Influenced by the likes of Erykah Badu, Paul Simon, and Lauryn Hill, CLAY’s music proves an addictive concoction, driven by her bruised, soulful voice and flourishing musical backdrops. A portrait of pain depicted in bright, soothing colours.