“From Buchanan Street’s local busker to a soulful pop trailblazer, Christy is quickly rising to the top” Notion Magazine

Welcome to the latest chapter in the Extraordinary Life of Christy O’Donnell – prodigious musical talent and all-round star-in-waiting. Creating a sonic palette that sits in a powerful sweet spot between Paolo Nutini and Alabama Shakes, Christy is an artist that feels arena-ready.

A tour supporting Rufus Wainwright already under his belt and his 10,000 hours well and truly put in on the unforgiving pavements and streets of Europe as a busker, Christy prepares for the release of his debut album later this year by bringing those songs and his band on stage this spring.

With every song comes a story, every one delivered with pathos by a songwriter with a true craft for words – the fear of losing someone you love encapsulated by the heartbreak of Dancing On Air, being determined to make  someone proud by the stadium sized Let You Down or the straight for the jugular sentiment of In Denial.