Belot is a 21-year-old, songwriter based in London, who is about to unleash her own distinct brand of cheeky, honest, vulnerable pop music onto planet earth.

Belot was brought up in North London, living with her Mum and older brother. She was surrounded by music from a young age with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, The Beach Boys and Al Green being regularly played in the house. She’s always naturally gravitated to music, and would write songs in the bath as early as she can remember. She fluked her way into the Brit School at the age of 14 and throughout her time at there she started to formulate her own vision of the sort of music she wanted to make and how she wanted to be perceived as an artist.

Her musical journey continued – soaking up music of The Strokes, Phoenix, Andy Shauf, Flume, Alt J, Metronomy, early Kanye West, and the aggressive dubstep of Kill The Noise. They all had a marked influence on her mind during a key stage of her songwriting – toying with electronics and melodies and lyrical meanings…as Belot puts it herself, “I wanted to make music that had the attitude of The Strokes with their angst and lyrical directness and to incorporate the sincerity of Andy Shauf with the sonic attack of gritty and funky electronic sounds.”
She goes on to add, “I am happy to be confrontational and direct. I try and write stories with the honesty of a best friend, not embarrassed to come across as frightened and awkward”.

Belot released her debut EP, “Electric Blue” in the first half of 2020 just as the Covid-19 pandemic was beginning. This was released as a need for her to simply put the music out there, “There was no PR push or marketing or anything…I just put the music out there and let people find it, which thankfully some seem to have”.
The rest of 2020 saw her continue to write songs between her time at home and her part-time job in a coffee shop. “The job gives me a chance to listen to other people’s micro dramas which I can then go away and write stories from in my lyrics”

2021 now sees Belot follow up on her debut EP. “Bed” is the opening single and carries on with her witty, observational take on the dating game. As she says, “The song is about sitting with someone you’ve already hooked up with before, neither party is really there for the niceties or listening to each other’s stories – when really we just want to shag”. The lyrics themselves put it perfectly, “Let’s just cut the bullshit and go straight to the bed”. She carries on to add  “I want to create awkward pop music, writing without self-consciousness and trying to tackle lyrical pop norms of vague story lines .I want people to feel like they have a real insight into the feelings and perspective what the song is about”. This is an opening track from an EP that will come out across the remainder of 2021 and carries on with similar themes of “drinking, messing about, and having fun.”