From a young age, there was a natural presumption of Ayoni’s future in music. An irresistible draw, music flows passionately through the artist’s soul and serves as a mirror of self-discovery.

The 22-year-old Barbadian artist spent time living in Singapore, Indonesia, and the US, while continuing to use her craft as a creative outlet and guide to her purpose. She has curated her style with a talent for piano, guitar, and technical production. Ayoni pushes the sonic boundaries by infusing her moody and ethereal pop sound with the beautiful adaptation of island soul.

The intricacies of genre-fluidity resonate with diverse music preferences, as Ayoni’s powerhouse vocals and production styles void any listener from estrangement. Her debut project, “Iridescent,” illustrates the crusades and jubilations of blossoming into her full self. She has also released “If You Leave,” “The Patriots,” and a co-production and featured credit on Ricky Reed’s “No Stone” with Dirty Projectors, amongst various other drops. Her acclaimed project, “Unmoved (A Black Woman Truth),” is an invitation to a deeper perspective in both personal reflection and paralleled stories, sparking conversation and thoughtful retrospection.

Vision, Ayoni’s upcoming EP, is a testament to manifestation, prosperity, and cultivation of self. The cohesion of the collection is found in the introspective and resolute tenacity of her deeply intentional production and songwriting. Ayoni balances illustrating the narrative of her life creatively with authentic anecdotes as lyrical inspiration. The title single, Vision, celebrates Ayoni’s odyssey within her personal perceptions and the translation of those understandings into her career.

Within her most recent single, You Said I Love You Too Soon, Ayoni balances the harmonies of strength and heartbreak, exploring divination within the concept of loneliness versus being alone. The track is energetic and redemptive, mesmerizing in its persuasion and Ayoni’s signature angelic, layered vocals. The charisma of this release will be complemented by a live performance visual, released soon to her ever-growing fanbase.

Acknowledging a lack of clarity, Ayoni delicately enables the anger and frustration of humanity in her upcoming single, Before I Prosper. As she dove into disclosure, Ayoni found healing through honoring her growth in the metaphorical darkness that ultimately leads to the light.

Ayoni’s art is a gentle allurement to the human experience, in all of its glory and revelations. Creating from a place of deep admiration for artists such as Whitney Houston, Adele, Aretha Franklin, and Etta James, Ayoni employs her inspirations to challenge the pure purpose of music. She finds a serving intention in her art, a function in her storytelling, and initiates a call to action in the world with her alluring and designful style. Consistently focused on the potential of the next project, Ayoni fuses organic creativity to challenge worldly narratives and alter perspective.