Al Costelloe

Having played in bands since she was 12 years old, London born musician and songwriter Al (Alice) Costelloe signed to Mute records at just 17 as half of shoegaze two-piece ‘Big Deal’. They released 3 critically acclaimed albums, before disbanding while releasing their final record ‘Say Yes’, when the breakdown of their romantic partnership made continuing impossible.

Following the split Costelloe became despondent about continuing to make music. However, finding herself touring across Europe as a bass player for ‘Superfood’ (Dirty Hit) and VANT’ (Parlophone), Costelloe’s spark for music was rekindled. With the encouragement of these friends she began to want to create her own songs again, tentatively recording home demos which form the basis for her upcoming singles. Motivated by a desire to finally make something that she would have complete creative control over, Costelloe’s new project marks a new era for the artist.